All About Cedar Shakes

cedar shakes

For Your New Cedar Shakes Roof, At The Top Roofing Has The Professionals You Need!

Cedar shakes are one of the most popular, aesthetically pleasing roofing options out there for homeowners. Do you know someone who has cedar shakes on their roof? Chances are, they love it, and so will you!

Take a look at some of the qualities that come with a cedar shake roof, and how you too can get the roof of your dreams:

  • They provide a more rustic, timeless looking finish to your roof
  • Made to resemble hand-split shakes that add to the appearance
  • They are thicker than shingles
  • A layer of felt is used in-between the shakes, since after installation they lay “on top” of each other, but that is their natural appearance after installation

Cedar shakes are environmentally friendly, since they come directly from cedar trees. Since cedar is a softwood, it is a great insulator for your home as it will trap in heat and cold air to help lower your energy bills. A big difference between a shake and a shingle is the first appearance – a shake is grooved, easily conforming to the house and making it more “natural” in appearance, whereas a cedar shingle is flat.

The use of a cedar roof is beneficial to every homeowner, and should be considered. Cedar shakes give that timeless, classic feel to a house and can be added during a roof replacement or during initial building. To get that classic look on your home, get started with At The Top Restoration in Nashville, TN! Contact us today 615-239-5812 to find out more about our cedar shake services!