The Benefits Of Wood Siding

When designing or redesigning your home, you may consider a change of exterior. There are so many options, that many people may disregard one of the more attention grabbing styles: wood. Wood siding is timeless, classic, and just a bit rustic for homes looking for that elegant, but vintage feel. With a variety of styles, colors and types, your options are virtually limitless. 

Photo of WoodThis siding option is decay resistant and when installed correctly can waterproof the side of your home. Wood siding is known for it’s longevity and the ability to take damage from storms and high winds. However one of the best parts about wood siding is that it can be installed quickly and easily for your home. It is a readily available option for many homes in the area. Always ensure your installer has a background in siding or roofing installation. 

In the event damage is taken by your wood siding, this style of siding is very easy to replace or repair. As the materials are readily available, it is a simple matter of having your local roofer remove the damaged pieces and replace them with new shakes or shingles. The best part of this fantastic siding option is that wood siding is the ultimate go-green option for any home. This siding is made from a natural and renewable source. They are recycled when removed from a home and if needed to decay, they compost into a mulch like substance. They keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Wood Siding is a great option for any home here in Nashville, TN! If you are interested on learning more about this option for your home, call At The Top Restoration today at 615-239-5812!