Why Choose Asphalt Shingle Roofing for Your Home?

Why Choose Asphalt Shingle Roofing for Your Home

Why Choose Asphalt Shingle Roofing for Your Home?

The roofs on our homes are what keep us protected against inclement weather and outside elements, so it is imperative to choose a reliable roofing material. With asphalt shingle roofing, homeowners will get more than a reliable roof with this incredible roofing material. So why choose asphalt shingle roofing for your home? Below are a few beneficial reasons.

Very Versatile

In terms of shapes and even different shingle angles, asphalt roofing can give you a better-tailored roof that can reflect your style.

Wide Variety

Whether you want your roof to be green or you want it to look like cedar shakes, asphalt shingles are able to achieve it! One of the best things about asphalt shingles is how many colors and designs it can come in.

Easy Installation

While homeowners aren’t the ones installing the roof, easier installations mean that you will have your asphalt shingle roof faster than with other roofing material installations.


There will definitely be times where your roof will need the occasional repairs and maintenance. Luckily, asphalt shingles are very easy to maintain. If you need to replace a few shingles or repair a section, it is very easy and quick to do so.

Really Affordable

Unlike like many roofing materials on the market, asphalt shingles are actually very affordable. Roofs are quite the investment, so you want a roof that is sturdy and affordable and aspahlt shingles have both characteristics

Extremely Durable

Whether you are in the middle of a bad storm, are subjected to fire, or last for years to come, asphalt roofing is for you. It is manufactured to withstand high winds, fire, and last for years.

So why choose asphalt shingle roofing for your home? Because there are a ton of benefits for you and your home. If you are interested in asphalt shingle installation in Nashville, TN, call At the Top Restoration at 615-239-5812.

Algae, Moss And Trees, Oh My!

Your roof is built to last. From withstanding storms, to reflecting UV rays. However, your roof isn’t invincible, so its up to you to give your roof the help it needs to stay in great condition. One way to do that is to schedule yearly, professional roof inspections. Another option is to check your roof for potential dangers yourself. Below, we’ll discuss three major issues you should do your best to avoid!


If your roof is particularly shaded, it can be susceptible to algae growth. Algae thrives on wood and asphalt shingles in conditions that provide cool temperatures and sufficient moisture. When algae grows, it hold even more moisture, which can lead to roof rot!


Moss also grows easily on wood and shingles, and the spores can settle between your shingles. It also grows very quickly, which can allow mildew and moisture to quickly destroy your roof. In some cases it can lead to serious leaks relatively quickly.


While trees are a great way to keep your yard from getting too hot during the summer months, you should make sure to keep the branches from hanging over your roof. For starters, in the event of a storm, branches could fall and damage your roof, or put your family at risk. Additionally, trees can leave debris on your roof, which can allow algae and mold to grow with ease.

If you need help controlling mold or algae growth on your roof in Nashville, TN, call us at 615-824-1500! We are roofing experts dedicated to providing our customers with safe and efficient roofing solutions. Call us today to set your appointment. We look forward to serving you!




Signs You Need New Gutters

Gutters perform a vital and indispensable function for your home. Without them, your home becomes vulnerable to damage from rainfall. Gutters made from aluminum or steel should last around 20 years. If you have copper gutters, you can expect them to hold up for 40 years or more. Despite this durability, gutters will eventually need replacement. You could also need new gutters if your old ones sustain damage from a ladder or tree. To know whether your gutters need replacement, stay attentive to the following signs.

Damage to the Gutters

Gutters that have become damaged, or those that have sustained normal wear and tear for years, may need replacement. Rust spots, cracks, or holes that appear frequently across multiple sections indicate a need for replacement. You should also stay attentive to broken fasteners or screws and nails scattered about the ground beneath your gutters.

new gutters

Gutters that have become clogged with debris will not function properly.

Sagging or Separated Gutters

In order for your gutters to function properly, they should be well connected both to each other and your roof. If you see separation between sections of your gutters, they simply won’t work. Sagging gutters can get caused from excess debris, and can fail to convey water to your downspouts. If your gutters have become separated from your roof, then they will not catch water from your roof’s drainage system. Any of these symptoms should result in a call for service, and the possible replacement of the gutter system.

Damage to Your Home

Gutters that do not function properly will eventually lead to damage to your home. Typically, the first sign is peeling paint around the gutters themselves. This indicates a gutter that has been separated from the roof for awhile, and suggests a need for replacement. Foundation cracks could appear to indicate that water has not been properly conveyed away from your home. Since this is the primary function of a gutter system, those that fail to accomplish it should get replaced.

If you notice these problems, or worry that your gutters have simply gotten old, call At the Top Restoration at 615-239-5812. We are your source for new gutters in Nashville, TN.


Benefits of Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is a popular choice for all types of buildings, from warehouses to homes. This is due to the many benefits of metal roofing, from its durability to energy efficient advantages. If you need a new roof, consider these great benefits of metal roofing!


Metal Roof

Durability and Energy Efficiency are Just Two of the Benefits of Metal Roofing!

Metals roofs are a great investment because they can easily last 50 years or more with minimal maintenance. Able to withstand high winds, large hail, moisture, UV damage, fire, and more, metal roofing is a highly durable roofing material. While it is more costly than a shingle roof or flat roof, it can easily last two to three times as long.

Energy Efficient

Unlike a dark, asphalt or shingle roof, metal is highly reflective, which helps it reflect rather than absorb heat from the sun. This can help keep your roof significantly cooler, which helps keep your home or business cooler as well! This means less need to crank the A/C and lower energy bills each month, which can be a major savings. Though metal roofs cost more upfront than shingle roofs and BUR systems, this consistent energy savings can help offset the cost.


Metal is one of the more eco-friendly roofing materials available as it is fully recyclable and most metal roofs are made from recycled metal. Their long lifespan is also a bonus. One metal roof can last longer than two or more shingle roofs, which clog up landfills. Whether you like the green benefits of energy efficiency or just the style, metal roofs are an eco-friendly choice.

If you’re interested in a metal roof for your home or business, call Best Roof Jax at 615-239-5812 for metal roofing in Nashville, TN!

All About Cedar Shakes

cedar shakes

For Your New Cedar Shakes Roof, At The Top Roofing Has The Professionals You Need!

Cedar shakes are one of the most popular, aesthetically pleasing roofing options out there for homeowners. Do you know someone who has cedar shakes on their roof? Chances are, they love it, and so will you!

Take a look at some of the qualities that come with a cedar shake roof, and how you too can get the roof of your dreams:

  • They provide a more rustic, timeless looking finish to your roof
  • Made to resemble hand-split shakes that add to the appearance
  • They are thicker than shingles
  • A layer of felt is used in-between the shakes, since after installation they lay “on top” of each other, but that is their natural appearance after installation

Cedar shakes are environmentally friendly, since they come directly from cedar trees. Since cedar is a softwood, it is a great insulator for your home as it will trap in heat and cold air to help lower your energy bills. A big difference between a shake and a shingle is the first appearance – a shake is grooved, easily conforming to the house and making it more “natural” in appearance, whereas a cedar shingle is flat.

The use of a cedar roof is beneficial to every homeowner, and should be considered. Cedar shakes give that timeless, classic feel to a house and can be added during a roof replacement or during initial building. To get that classic look on your home, get started with At The Top Restoration in Nashville, TN! Contact us today 615-239-5812 to find out more about our cedar shake services!

How to Choose a Roofer

beautiful new roof

You may be an expert in a lot of things, but chances are that unless you’re a professional contractor or roofer, choosing a roofer isn’t one of them! Of course you want the best for your home and family, and choosing the right roofer is part of that. Read on for some tips on how to identify the best roofer for your home.

Are They Experienced?

This might go without saying, but does the roofer have experience? No amount of guarantees can replace good, old fashioned experience! The roofer you choose should have experience working in your area, and with many different materials.

Are They Willing to Educate You?

A really great roofer will work with you to compare and contrast the different roofing materials and services that you have to choose from. Some less reputable roofing companies will try to rush your decision making, and force you to choose the option that they deem appropriate. The roofer that you should pick will be dedicated to educating you on your choices.

Do They Work With Insurance Claims?

Having your roof repaired or replaced can be stressful and expensive. The ideal roofer will work with your insurance company to process your claim. While your insurance adjusters may be good people, they do work for the insurance company- not you. The roofing company you choose should work with both your insurance adjuster and you to process your claim.

While you may be tempted to choose the first roofer to knock on your door after a big storm, choosing carefully will guarantee the best results for your roof and for your checkbook.

Are you looking for reliable roofing services in Nashville, TN? Call Us at 615-239-5812 today!

The Best Type of Gutters for Your Home

If you’re looking for new gutters for your home, you might be a bit overwhelmed by the vast selection. There are aluminum, steel, copper, seamless, and more! Here are some quick facts about each to help you decide the best type of gutters for your home.


best type of gutters for your homeOne of the most popular types of gutters, aluminum gutters are lightweight and weather resistant. They hold paint well and will not rust, making maintenance less complex than some other styles. One downside is they are not as durable as other materials and can dent easily.


There are galvanized steel and stainless steel gutters, which are very different from each other. Galvanized steel is cost-efficient and sturdier than aluminum, making it a popular choice. However, galvanized steel will succumb to rust over time. Stainless steel, on the other hand, is nearly indestructible, won’t rust, and is quite durable. However, these can cost up to 4 times more than aluminum or galvanized steel gutters.


Copper gutters are truly stunning and will no doubt add to your home’s curb appeal. However, they come at a price. While copper gutters are certainly the most expensive, they are similar in durability to stainless steel, making them a solid investment.


Want an extremely durable and stylish gutter system but don’t want the hefty price tag of copper? Zinc is a great alternative for homeowners who want something long-lasting but a little less flashy.


While most gutters are sectional due to the materials they are made of, seamless gutters (made of aluminum) have an added level of durability. Over time, the joints and places where gutter sections are held together are often the first to fail. Seamless gutters eliminate this problem, giving you a longer lifespan. They typically cost more than standard aluminum or steel, but are much more affordable than copper.

Looking for gutter installation in Nashville, TN? Call At The Top Restoration today at 615-239-5812 and we’ll help you find the best type of gutters for your home.

Common Signs of Siding Damage

Have you noticed that you’ve been repainting your home’s siding more often than normal. Are cracks or warped panels causing problems? If you’ve noticed these signs of siding damage, it may be time to repair or replace your home’s siding. Here are some common signs that can show you when it’s time to repair or replace siding.

Dry Rot

signs of siding damageOften undetectable from looking at the side of your house, dry rot is a serious problem for wood-sided houses. Because it begins beneath the surface, you might not notice a problem until there is extensive damage. Next time you’re working in the yard, take a screwdriver and tap the handle against your siding. If you detect any dry rot, have it repaired or replaced immediately to prevent further damage.

Mold or Fungus

While a little mold or fungus on the surface of your home is not always a problem, it could indicate trapped moisture in your siding. Once moisture gets into your siding, you’ll start to see problems. Carefully inspect and clean the moldy area. You might need to call a professional to see if moisture is getting into your home.

Increased Energy Bills

Have you noticed your heating and cooling bills increasing for no reason? After checking your air conditioner, heater, and other appliances for lost energy, consider your walls. Your home’s roof and siding are the first line of defense against the outside elements, and a problem with either can dramatically affect your energy costs. Inspect both roof and siding for signs of leaks or damage.

Obvious Signs of Damage

Most other signs of siding damage are obvious. You might notice warped boards, cracks, tears, blisters, water damage, and more. It’s best to have siding repaired or replaced quickly before weather and other problems make it worse.

If you notice these signs of siding damage, act quickly! If you need siding repair or replacement in Nashville, TN, call At The Top Restoration at 615-239-5812

Roof Preparations for Winter

Is your roof structure properly maintained and prepped for winter weather this year? Snow and ice can cause plenty of problems when a roof is in disrepair. Having your roof inspected, repairing, or even replacing your roof will ensure your home stays protected during the winter and all year round.

 ice dams and snow on roof and gutters

Shingle roofs are susceptible to weak areas and torn shingles as they age. Get your roof inspected prior to winter weather coming in. This way, any damage or patchy areas can be repaired to make sure your roof is sturdy and no longer prone to leaks. A weak roof will create a lot of trouble in the winter time if ice begins to build up. Ice dams that form along the edges of the roof can add too much weight to the roof, creating areas that allow water to seep in. If the roof isn’t sturdy enough, the ice dams can even cause a cave in.

Needing a roof replaced? Maybe you are looking at the roofing materials available for a new roof you are installing. We recommend metal roofing! No matter the season or weather, metal roofing has many benefits including unsurpassed durability that keeps your roof in top condition. Metal roofs deter leaks better than other roof materials. It is more difficult for snow and ice to accumulate on metal roofing due to the slick nature of the metal. This alone reduces the amount of winter maintenance required. Metal roofs are built to withstand stormy weather and debris so you have less concerns over needed roof repairs in the future.

Looking for roofing services in Nashville, KY? Contact At The Top today for roofing repairs, installation, and replacements. We use only the highest quality roofing materials so our customers always end up with durable, long lasting roofs they can rely on. Call us at 615-239-5812 to talk to one of our roofing experts today.

The Benefits Of Wood Siding

When designing or redesigning your home, you may consider a change of exterior. There are so many options, that many people may disregard one of the more attention grabbing styles: wood. Wood siding is timeless, classic, and just a bit rustic for homes looking for that elegant, but vintage feel. With a variety of styles, colors and types, your options are virtually limitless. 

Photo of WoodThis siding option is decay resistant and when installed correctly can waterproof the side of your home. Wood siding is known for it’s longevity and the ability to take damage from storms and high winds. However one of the best parts about wood siding is that it can be installed quickly and easily for your home. It is a readily available option for many homes in the area. Always ensure your installer has a background in siding or roofing installation. 

In the event damage is taken by your wood siding, this style of siding is very easy to replace or repair. As the materials are readily available, it is a simple matter of having your local roofer remove the damaged pieces and replace them with new shakes or shingles. The best part of this fantastic siding option is that wood siding is the ultimate go-green option for any home. This siding is made from a natural and renewable source. They are recycled when removed from a home and if needed to decay, they compost into a mulch like substance. They keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Wood Siding is a great option for any home here in Nashville, TN! If you are interested on learning more about this option for your home, call At The Top Restoration today at 615-239-5812!