Blustery Winds and Your Roof

windy fieldThe sky darkens, clouds pile up, and the temperature dips. When you think about a storm rolling in, what comes to mind? There are many components to a storm, but strong winds are easily one of the most damaging components. To help you better protect yourself and your property from wind damage, here we briefly walk through an outline of how wind can damage a roof.

When wind blows over a roof, it does not blow over evenly. Some areas of a roof will experience stronger wind pressure than others. The edges of a roof are subject to absorbing the initial impact of the wind and usually experience the highest pressure. The center of a roof is typically insulated from the initial impact and experiences the lowest pressure. Not surprisingly, the areas that are subject to higher pressure and increased weathering are usually the first to sustain damage.

Wind damage penetrates a roof by exerting enough pressure on the roof material to lift it slightly, allowing wind to blow in underneath and peel it away. A sure way of combating wind damage is to have your roof professionally inspected: a trained professional will be able to detect subtle damages, and routine maintenance will prepare your roof for whatever the weather may bring in the future. For quick roof repairs done right the first time, call us at 615-824-1500!