Help! I Have A Roof Leak!

Roof Leak

A Leak Can Damage Your Property In Many Ways.

Roof leaks can be serious situations for homeowners and business owners here in Nashville, TN. When this happens it can cause severe damage throughout your roof and building structure. You may wonder what you can do while you are waiting for repairs to stop the issue. We have a few tips for you when handling a leak.

Roof Leak Tips

  • Call Our Roofers! – If you have a leak in your home or business, contacting roofers for repair is a critical step in getting your roof and property back in order. Our team will come out and repair your roof good as new.
  • Protect Your Possessions – When there is a leak, safeguarding your property can make sure you never lose anything. Move your furniture and goods away from the leaking area. Make sure they have not sustained damage and if they have, document it for insurance filing.
  • Identify The Source – If you can, head to your attic or roof and see if you can find the origin of the leak. It may be visible by looking for areas where daylight can be seen or it could be hidden behind the insulation.
  • Prevent Progress – Find a bucket or bowl to collect the water that leaks through. This will keep it from damaging your home and prevent it from worsening. You may also consider a leak patch that you can find at home stores as a temporary solution. However, you must remember that these are in fact temporary.

At The Top Restoration, LLC is available to provide you with quality repair and service for your roof in Nashville, TN. Do you have a leaking roof? Call us today at 615-239-5812 for all of your roofing needs!