Cedar Shakes Installation and Repair

Cedar Shakes

Our Cedar Shakes Installation Provides a Stunning Roof with Plenty of Auxiliary Benefits.

If you are looking for a more natural looking roof, cedar shakes are the right choice! This premium roofing material is not only aesthetically perfect, it also provides durability and is eco-friendly. Cedar¬†shakes can last for at least 50 years if they are properly maintained, providing continuous protection for your home. They remain popular because of their timeless, natural beauty — and they can be treated to resist fire. At The Top Restoration is your local source for cedar shake roofing installation.

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Cedar Shakes 101

Cedar Shakes

This Type of Shingle Additionally Offers Premier Insulation and Long-Term Durability.

Cedar shakes obviously come from cedar, which is a softwood grown in many areas of the world. Because there continues to be an abundance of cedar, the material is sustainable and environmentally-friendly. Unlike other types of roofing, this renewable material does not produce unnatural, hazardous byproducts. It’s not only more aesthetically pleasing, it can often be much more durable, protecting your home from hail, wind, and storm damage.

Another advantage: Cedar tends to resist insects and damage from UV rays, and it also stands up against heavy rains and wind. It’s also a great insulator, because it’s a softwood. This means that the wood is filled with large cells that fill with air, thereby insulating anything under it. A cedar shakes roof will keep your home warm in the winter, but also cool in the summer because of the insulation properties.

You should also consider resale value as you plan for your roofing system. A cedar shake roof is bound to add to your home’s appeal if and when you decide to move. Making adjustments and renovations like a new cedar shakes roof can improve your home’s value. The look of cedar shakes is also interesting and pleasing to many, increasing your home’s perceived value and allowing it to sell quickly.

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