Slate Roofing Repair and Installation

Slate Roofing

Slate Roofing Offers Incomparable Beauty and Durability.

Are you considering a different roofing type for your home? If you have a bigger budget to work with, or are just sick and tired of traditional shingle roofing, you may be interested in learning more about other roofing options. Compared with every other residential roofing option, slate tiles may very well be the best of the best. To discover more about our premium slate roofing in Nashville, TN, give us a ring at 615-239-5812 now! With years of experience offering exceptional slate roofing solutions to this community, At the Top Restoration has the roofing contractors you can trust!

Top Quality Residential Slate Roofing

Among residential roof systems, tiles are recognized as an impressive option, but slate tiles in particular are seen as the ideal type of tile. To start, you can count on a lifetime of service — over a century — from a slate roof. Unlike man-made tiles such as clay or concrete, natural slate has an exceptional resilience that cannot be duplicated in other materials.

Safe from mold and fungus growth, slate tiles are even non-combustible, so your home has additional safety from fire. With At The Top Restoration, our clients have access to an extensive selection of slate tiles. When you choose premium roofing like slate, we want to make sure you receive the roof of your dreams.

Slate Roofing Installation By Professionals

Slate Roofing

With Exceptional Durability, Slate Tiles Will Stand the Test of Time.

Proper installation is a major factor in reaping all the benefits a slate tile roof system has to offer. If your slate roof is improperly installed, it will cause a variety of issues that can be very difficult to fix. At At The Top Restoration, our expert and experienced roof contractors are incredibly adept at applying slate roofs efficiently and effectively. Our slate roof installation in Nashville, TN has provided homes in this community with premium roof solutions for years.

Is your roofing a little worn and in dire need of a long-term replacement? There are many things to look for in roofing materials, but if you’re searching for a solution that will work for decades longer than most roofs, think about slate. For additional info about the perks of slate roofing in Nashville, TN, give our expert contractors a call at 615-239-5812. You can always count on the guys at At The Top Restoration, LLC when you require slate tile roofers you can trust.