Synthetic Shingles Repair and Installation

Synthetic Shingles

Synthetic Roofing Comes in a Wide Variety of Colors and Designs.

When looking for roof materials, you might rapidly feel overwhelmed from the sheer variety of choices. We want our clients to fully understand the possibilities of each and every option they are presented with, so we try to supply clearness in our discussion of all options. Synthetic shingles are a favored selection for replacement and new roofs alike. We proudly supply a selection of synthetic choices guaranteed to appeal to any customer, and can recommend them across just about any residences.

For any roof need you encounter in Nashville, TN, go with the local leaders at At The Top Restoration, LLC. Our deep experience in roofing permits us to give customers an immaculate installation of a synthetic shingle roof. A roof’s installation has long-term effects in terms of durability. Select us as your roofing partners, and you can rest easy that you’ll get the highest return on the investment. Phone us at your earliest convenience at 615-239-5812 to schedule a meeting or service for synthetic shingles in Nashville, TN.

The Pros of Synthetic Shingles

Synthetic Shingles

To the Untrained Eye, Synthetic Roofing Remains Indistinguishable from the Real Thing.

Wood, slate, and tile materials all can be sufficiently emulated through a synthetic shingle. The chief advantages of synthetic shingles arrive from their price point and overall resilience. The shingles are additionally weather-resistant, an important characteristic that can save you an impressive amount on service and restoration costs. A selection of benefits should also be considered in regards to this superior roofing material.

Style and Appearance: When you want the appearance of a luxury shingle minus the cost, know that synthetic varieties seem nearly indistinguishable when observed from the ground. Standard squared-cut, chiseled-tip, or rounded shingle options unite with a huge collection of colors to leave synthetic shingles 100 percent customizable.

Lightweight: One issue with slate and ceramic shingles comes from their weight. Some houses simply will not support the burden, while some will require special reinforcement. The lightweight characteristic of synthetic shingles renders this totally irrelevant. Synthetic shingles also install quickly, an additional positive of their weight and makeup.

Durability: Synthetic shingles offer almost matchless staying power. Manufactured to offer benefits for decades, synthetic shingles are usually comprised of smashed slate, rubber, and steel. An intrinsic fortitude means that these shingles do not require regular attention. They will also preserve their appearance through years of rainfall and sunshine.

Synthetic Shingle Selections For Your Roof

Aside from the aforementioned slate and tile, At The Top Restoration, LLC supplies synthetic shingles that adopt the appearance of wood shake shingles.

  • Synthetic Slate Tile These shingles can mimic the appearance of stone or slate shingles. The light weight of these shingles also puts less of a burden on a home.
  • Synthetic Shake Shingles Though gorgeous, shake shingles demand a great deal of upkeep. With the visual effect of wood and none of the maintenance, synthetics are a good alternative.
  • Synthetic Tile Our synthetic tile materials look wonderful on any home. Also, blunt forces do not endanger these tiles with shattering.

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