Tile Roofing Repair & Installation

Tile Roofing

Tile Roofing Can Provide a Touch of Elegance to Any Structure.

A home with a tile roof presents several positives to the homeowner. Tile roofs support homeowners with long-lasting protection, longevity, and a noteworthy aesthetic effect. At The Top Restoration, LLC provides matchless work as the expert for tile roofing in Nashville, TN. Keep in mind our company for tile roofing requirements such as total replacement, repairs, and general service.

Clay tiles do well across a significant assortment of houses, and add a touch of pizzazz evocative of Spanish-style architecture. Concrete or slate tiles offer an aesthetically compelling selection with even more pronounced longevity. Give us a ring now at 615-239-5812 if you are interested in tile roofing for Nashville, TN.

The Positives of Tile Roofing

Tile Roofing

In Addition to Installation, Our Team Can Offer Full Repair Services for Your Tile Roof.

The demand for tile in home roofing has remained high. Visual appeal and a pronounced amount of hardiness provide the justifications why. A clarification of different benefits may help you determine whether to invest in tile roofing for your own residence.

Resiliency: Recognized for impressive lifespans, roof tiles are able to hold up under damage, and serve your home for many years longer than an asphaltroofing can. If your roofing is needing long term defense from water, roofing tiles are one of the best choices on the market.

Customized Styles: Tile roof materials are available in a large variety of options, so you may pick your preferred make as well as style. No matter what style you are looking for with your roof tiles, there is sure to be a tilematerial to accommodate your requirements.

Weather-Resistant: An additional benefit of tiles comes from their advanced amount of durability to bad weather and extreme winds. A correctly installed tile roof can resist winds of up to 150 mph. Less frequent fixes mean that tile roofs can actually conserve money over the long-term.

Color Maintenance: No one appreciates when a roof begins to appear dingy after only a few short years on a home. With tile roofs, the color arrives from all-natural origins like the clay combination or iron oxides. As the color is steeped throughout the tile, roof tiles provide persistent color that keeps your house looking attractive.

At The Top Restoration currently offers the following selection of tile roofing:

  • Spanish Tile Roofing Spanish tiles bring an elementĀ of timeless elegance to any structure. A unique barrel shape makes them stand out from other tile choices.
  • Ceramic Tile Roofing Fired at extremely high temperatures, ceramic tiles offer premier durability. They also come in a broad selection of various colors and styles.
  • Concrete Tile Roofing Concrete tiles can emulate the appearance of other roofing materials. They also require little maintenance and provide a lot of value for your money.
  • Clay Tile Roofing Clay tiles are an environmentally-friendly choice among premium roofing materials. They also never fade from the sun, and maintain their beauty over time.

Call for Professional Tile Roof Installers

To set aside time for service or installation, or merely to discover more about tile roofs, call us today at 615-239-5812. We provide unbeatable work that creates a roofing system for the ages. For all requirements with tile roofing systems in Nashville, TN, have faith in the leaders at At The Top Restoration, LLC.