Spanish Tile Roofing

Spanish Tile

Spanish Tiles Typically Have a Unique Barrel Shape That Sets Them Apart.

Spanish tile represents a particular design category of clay tiles. These tiles provide the timeless elegance seen on Spanish Revival homes, and can elevate the appearance of practically any home or business. If you love the style of Spanish architecture, then you should definitely consider Spanish tiles for your own home.

At The Top Restoration provides exceptional service across all varieties of tile roofs. Spanish tiles, in particular, represent one of our more popular premium roof options. With both durability and beauty, Spanish tiles often exceed the expectations of homeowners. If you are interested in Spanish tile in Nashville, TN, give us a call today at 615-239-5812.

The Appeal of Spanish Tile

Spanish Tile

Extended Longevity of up to 70 years Represents One Key Benefit of Spanish tile.

For most people, the appeal of Spanish tiles comes primarily from their appearance. While a valuable trait, aesthetics are not the only reason to consider this superb roofing option.

Appearance: Spanish tile roofs are certainly one of the most impressive features you can encounter on a structure. This special roofing broadcasts elegance and refinement, and can add these qualities to any house or business. When combined with other Spanish design elements, you have a roof that can outshine practically any alternative.

Durability: Spanish tiles get fired at extremely high temperatures. This treatment provides them with exceptional durability, especially when it comes to the roof’s total lifespan. A Spanish tile roof will last for upwards of 70 years. This makes it one of the longest lasting roofs you can find.

Fire Resistance: The nature of Spanish tile’s manufacture and composition makes it extremely resistant to fire. If a fire breaks out in your neighborhood, you can rest easy that your roof will protect the rest of your structure. In fact, Spanish tiles have such a high resistance to fire that they can sometimes lower your homeowner’s insurance.

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