Fascia and Soffit Repair

Soffit Repair

Rotten or Damaged Fascia and Soffit Create an Immediate Need for Repairs.

An important segment of roofing, soffit provides an invaluable function for a home, as it defends the rafters from deterioration. Fascia, a separate home component, is designed to protect the sides of your house’s roof and provide a solid place for rain gutter installation. If either of these components starts to develop mold or rot, your roofing will be vulnerable to leaks and pest invasions. To avoid this consequence, trust At The Top Restoration for fascia and soffit repair.

Even the most durable fascia and soffit will start to decay and show signs of corrosion over the years. If a spontaneous inspection reveals proof of damage, you should get your fascia and soffit fixed quickly. Contact At The Top Restoration, LLC at 615-239-5812 for any needs with fascia and soffit repair in Nashville, TN.

Do You Need Soffit Repair?

Your soffit will need infrequent maintenance or replacement just like any other piece of your roofing. If you have detected any of these indicators, call us for repairs now. 

Brown Stains: You will notice the presence of brown stains if a leak from your roofing has begun to affect your soffit. Since water-damaged soffit becomes susceptible to rot, you will need to repair or replace it.

Buckling: Buckling occurs when the soffit material has become periodically soaked. Prolonged exposure to a roof leak or malfunctioning gutters can make soffit buckle, a condition which requires immediate repair.

Leaking Gutters: Inoperable gutters can create a need for soffit repair or replacement. Your soffit will take damage as water cascades from holes or cracks in the gutters, or backs up due to clogs.

Signs for Fascia Repair

Soffit Repair

Repaint Your Fascia for Added Protection and an Immediate Improvement to Your Home’s Appearance.

To know whether your fascia needs professional repair or replacement, pursue a straightforward visual examination. Well-maintained fascia can protect the rest of your roofing against costlier work. 

Water Damage: Fascia can become liable to water deterioration as it spends years as a mount for the gutters. This will happen as your gutters no longer function correctly, and instead bubble over onto the fascia.

Peeling Paint: Peeling paint on fascia will act as a signal of approaching rot. A homeowner needs to replace deteriorated fascia, since it cannot do its job correctly. If nothing else, a updated coat of paint for your fascia will deliver some protection and an immediate face-lift for your house.

Schedule Fascia and Soffit Repair Now

Fascia and soffit both provide useful services for the upkeep and protection of a roof and home. The team at At The Top Restoration, LLC should be entrusted with all fascia and soffit repair in Nashville, TN. For any questions or service inquiries, phone us today at 615-239-5812