Radiant Barrier Installation Services

Radiant Barrier

The Shiny Surface of Radiant Barriers Reflects Radiant Heat Away from a Structure.

A radiant barrier consists of a highly reflective material installed on the underside of a roof — usually inside of the attic — to reduce heat gain throughout the summer and lower a home or business’s cooling costs. Unlike thermal insulation, which reduces heat gain through conduction and convection, a radiant barrier stops the sun’s radiant heat from affecting a structure’s internal environment. 

At The Top Restoration offers premier services for the installation of radiant barriers. If summer heat has a marked impact on your home or business, these barriers could provide the perfect solution. To learn more about the installation of a radiant barrier in Nashville, TN, call our expert team today at 615-239-5812.

How a Radiant Barrier Works

Radiant Barrier

We Offer Expert Installation of Radiant Barriers for Any Home or Business.

A radiant barrier stops radiant heat from affecting the interior of a home. Typical insulation may prevent the spread of heat through conduction and convection, but can do nothing about radiant heat. To understand the precise benefits of radiant barriers, you should first know a little about heat transfer.

Conduction: One way for heat to travel occurs through conduction. This phenomenon happens when heat travels directly from a hotter location to a cooler. For example, hot coffee will heat a spoon, which will in turn feel warm to the touch.

Convection: This transfer method occurs when a gas or air becomes heated. This causes a drop in the density of the gas or air, which in turn will rise and carry heat along for the ride.

Radiant Heat: Radiant heat travels directly away from a hot surface to heat anything it encounters. In the absence of a radiant barrier, this type of heat transfer can make a home uncomfortably warm and require the use of the air conditioner.

On summer days, radiant heat from the sun will increase the temperature of your roofing materials. Your roof will then radiate heat down through the attic to the rest of a home. A radiant barrier stops this transfer thanks to its highly reflective surface. The result? A cooler, more comfortable home and fewer demands on your air conditioner.

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