Skylight Repair & Replacement

Skylight Repair

Our Expert Team Can Perform Flawless Installations of Skylights.

Skylights perform as exceptional additions to a home or business. For style and flare, you cannot beat the impact that a skylight provides. The provision of natural light will lower your energy bills, while a window to the outside environment can improve practically any space. At The Top Restoration appreciates the benefits of skylights, and provides premier services for skylight repair and installation.

A skylight’s placement will naturally leave it vulnerable to the elements. While skylights are designed to resist this influence, repair needs will develop over time. An older skylight may begin to leak, and even newer models can present problems through faulty installation. If you have any need for skylight repair in Nashville, TN, trust our expert team. You can reach us for service anytime with a quick call to 615-239-5812.

Signs for Skylight Repair

Skylight Repair

Any Room Can Benefit from the Natural Light That a Skylight Affords.

In most cases, you can easily spot damage to a skylight. If your skylights begin to exhibit any of the following problems, you’ll want to call for fast repairs or replacement. Problems left to linger will only increase the damage to your home and cost of repairs.

Cracks: Skylights come in two varieties: plastic and glass. Either of these can develop cracks. Whether the crack appears from hail damage or some other cause, you’ll want to get it repaired. Cracks will worsen over time, and present a point of entry for water.

Condensation: If water has begun to condense on your skylight, then you likely have a problem with the skylight’s seals and flashing.

Water Stains: Actual water stains around your skylight serve as evidence of an ongoing issue. To prevent further damage to your ceiling, let our professional team inspect your skylight to determine whether it needs repairs or replacement.

Age: Older skylights will naturally begin to degrade. Typically, the flashing that covers the seam between your skylight and roof will begin to corrode, creating a potential for leaks. Advancements in modern skylights, such as better acrylic construction and the use of low-e glass, make for much improved additions.

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If you’ve identified a need for replacement or repair, give At The Top Restoration a call at 615-239-5812. When it comes to skylight repair in Nashville, TN, we are the local authority.