Roof Preparations for Winter

Is your roof structure properly maintained and prepped for winter weather this year? Snow and ice can cause plenty of problems when a roof is in disrepair. Having your roof inspected, repairing, or even replacing your roof will ensure your home stays protected during the winter and all year round.

 ice dams and snow on roof and gutters

Shingle roofs are susceptible to weak areas and torn shingles as they age. Get your roof inspected prior to winter weather coming in. This way, any damage or patchy areas can be repaired to make sure your roof is sturdy and no longer prone to leaks. A weak roof will create a lot of trouble in the winter time if ice begins to build up. Ice dams that form along the edges of the roof can add too much weight to the roof, creating areas that allow water to seep in. If the roof isn’t sturdy enough, the ice dams can even cause a cave in.

Needing a roof replaced? Maybe you are looking at the roofing materials available for a new roof you are installing. We recommend metal roofing! No matter the season or weather, metal roofing has many benefits including unsurpassed durability that keeps your roof in top condition. Metal roofs deter leaks better than other roof materials. It is more difficult for snow and ice to accumulate on metal roofing due to the slick nature of the metal. This alone reduces the amount of winter maintenance required. Metal roofs are built to withstand stormy weather and debris so you have less concerns over needed roof repairs in the future.

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