Roof Repairs: Storm Damage

hurricane joaquinThe recent disturbance from Hurricane Joaquin has produced record rainfalls in the East, taken dozens of lives, and caused billions of dollars in property damage. We hope that you and your loved ones have fared well in the aftermath of this storm. Here we have compiled a few tips on handling storm damage to your roof in case of future storms.

  • If you can safely do so, remove all loose yard furniture and ornaments before a storm moves through.
  • Once the storm passes and it is safe to go outside, look around your property for shingles or tiles that have been thrown from the roof. Be extremely mindful of downed power lines, displaced animals, flood waters, and other dangers.
  • Missing or damaged shingles are often a sign of roof damage, and more famously, so are roof leaks. Roof leaks can trickle into the underlying roof structure and be very difficult to detect.
  • Have your roof professionally inspected. This is critical to ensure no further damage to your home occurs from a damaged roof.

Storm Damage Aftermath

Keep in mind that your roof is your home’s first line of defense, so it often takes the hardest hit in a storm. Fortunately, At The Top Restoration specializes in insurance claims and storm damage repairs, so we can cover all aspects of helping you recover your property after a storm. Call our professional team at 615-824-1500 for a free storm damage assessment!