Modified Bitumen Installation

photo of modified bitumenCommercial roofing is one of our main specialties at At The Top Restoration, so we can go over everything you need to know about modified bitumen. If you are interested in the installation of modified bitumen in Nashville, TN, we are the team to turn to! Call us today at 615-824-1500 to get started.

This type of system consists of a rubber-like material that is highly durable and very resistant to hail damage.┬áThis roofing material can be applied in a variety of ways, including hot-torch, self-adhesive or cold-processes adhesive. It’s a good choice for commercial buildings that are exposed to a lot of direct sunlight.

This highly durable material is thought of as an evolution of asphalt roofing, because it’s made up of chemicals, asphalt and several rubber modifiers. But modified bitumen is considered to be more durable than asphalt and gravel on a flat roof, because it’s easier to create a proper seal at the seams and connection points. Failing to get that seal can cause roofs to start leaking, even fairly early in their lifespan.

Properly-applied modified bitumen will prevent such issues because the material seamless (or at least has seams that are as strong as the body). In addition, making repairs to an asphalt or gravel roof can be difficult, because it’s hard to locate the exact point of a leak.

For premium installation of modified bitumen, contact our team for assistance. We are trained in the latest industry techniques and our installation methods are second to none. Proper installation allows for a longer lifespan or your roofing system.

Top-quality roofing

If you already have modified bitumen installed on your building and you are in need of modified bitumen repairs, we can assist you with quality roofing solutions. First our team will inspect your commercial roof to determine the extent of the damages. Then we will propose to you the variety of solutions available. Our goal is to help you find the best long term resolution for your commercial roof. We never want to up-sell you on anything you do not need so we will carefully explain the pros and cons of repairs versus replacement.

Contact us today at 615-824-1500 for more information about modified bitumen installation and repairs in Nashville, TN. Our team looks forward to serving you.