Inspecting Your Roof For Storm Damage

Inspecting and Repairing RoofIf you have had a storm come through recently, doing a quick inspection of your roof is a great way to prevent expensive repairs and make sure your home is protected. Here are some things to look for when a storm blows through:

Worn Shingles – Asphalt shingles are coating with a layer of granules to protect the shingles themselves from damage. Overtime, wind and heavy rain can cause these little pieces to come loose, leaving the single exposed. Check the gutters and the ground around your home after a storm for noticeable amounts of these small granules. Leaving shingles bare will result in cracks and water damage if they are not replaced with new shingles.

Debris – Tree branches, leaves, and trash can blow onto the roof during a storm. Check for large pieces of debris that may have punctured the roof or ripped shingles. Make sure the gutters are cleared of leaves so that water does not overflow onto the roof and cause water damage and rot. If you do notice signs of damage, call a roofing inspector immediately to get repairs underway.

Having a roof inspector come out to do a thorough check of your home’s roof structure is a great way to ensure that no damage goes unnoticed. Small cracks or dents in the shingles can create an easy way for leaks and water damage to cause problems with the entire roofing structure.

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