Weathering Winter: Snow on Your Roof

snowy roofSnow is beautiful and it can be a joy to play in, but too much snow can cause a number of problems. It can impact travel and down trees and power lines, but a lesser discussed damage is how snow can affect your roof. Snow damage can trash your roof suddenly without almost any warning, or it can slowly affect your roof over time. To help you prepare your roof against both extremes of damage, we walk through the basics of snow damage here.

Snow can affect a roof in a number of ways. It can exact damage over time as the roof leaks warm interior air and melts the accumulation above it. The melt-off can become trapped beneath the accumulated ice and snow: sitting water highly increases the potential for a roof leak.

The sheer volume and weight of snow can also damage your roof. The additional strain that your roof has not been designed to support puts stress on your roof structure. Clearing snow from your roof can be a tricky endeavor. Use extreme caution if you try to clear your roof. Practice good safety habits, avoid shoveling roof material directly, and generally steer clear of melting salts and chemicals.

Winter Roofs in Nashville

Even small amounts of snow can amount to a huge problem for the unprepared roof. Call us at 615-824-1500 to start winterizing your roof today!